Henri & Diana’s Pre-wedding Love Story :: Paris

We were so worried before departing to Paris for many reasons. Our equipment weighted almost 80KG and baggage allowance is only limited to 60KG for 2 pax. We spent weeks of discussion on how to bring the heavy equipment over to Paris and finally, we made it. Kenn is kind enough to help us to carry another 20KG.

The Challenges

The film comprises of 2 main scenes. Casual and Wedding gown and suit. it looks pretty in sequence in the film but actually it was shot randomly due to the location we visited. For example, the transition of casual wear to formal wedding dress shot, we shot the wedding gown scene first. Then we returned to hotel and changed the casual wear. we returned to the park and continued the casual scene. Thus, the planning was crucial. We can’t afford to miss any of the scenes in order to combine all of them into smooth storyline.

The aviation authority in Paris is one of our concern for Helicam. I didn’t put much hope on aerial shot in Paris as the local government keep their eyes strictly on those popular landmarks at all time. We were warned by the local polices few times. Luckily, Henri and Diana were so sporting although we have many NGs in between. They will never give up and keep trying until we manage to capture our desired shots. Polices are everywhere at Eiffel tower. We had to be very quick to take off the helicam. The distance between helicam’s take off point and Diana’s place is about 200m away. There was no line-of-sight to Diana and I couldn’t give any signal to her. The only solution is to use walkie talkie. Thanks to the person who invented the walkie talkie! 4 of us were communicating via walkie especially the helicam at Eiffel Tower shot. When the Heli was hovering in the sky, I paged Kenn to give signal to Diana. While Diana was walking on the corridor, Pauline started shooting from far using long range lens at the same time. Big thank to Diana and Henri, and most importantly, The Undivided Team.

First Camera: Jessen
Second Camera: Pauline
Helicam & Steadicam operator: Jessen
Director: Jessen
Photographer: Kennfoo Weddings (www.kennfoo.com)
Make up Artist: Glamorous by Michelle Lum (glamorousbymichelle.wordpress.com)

5D Mark iii
5D Mark ii

Canon 16-35mm f2.8L ii
Canon 50mm f/1.4
Canon 100mm f/2.8L
Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS ii

E: jessen.ong@jxsonline.com
C: +6012 458 4886

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